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New location Legnica Poland

Since June 30th we have been in possession of a 10,000 m2 industrial site opposite our old location in Legnica / Poland. A new 1,500 m2 crossdock warehouse with a 280 m2 office will be built here in the near future. Thus, we anticipate continued growth of the local industry, which shows an annual growth rate of 5 %. This creates a greater demand for transport and a market for complete shipments, as well as a demand for more partial shipments, which will be sent from Legnica, Poland all over Europe.

The location of Legnica within the Poland - Germany - Czech Republic triangle gives us many opportunities to transport goods quickly and efficiently in full truck loads and/or combine them into possible partial loads. The distance between the Mooij Forwarding & Logistics branch in Legnica and our point in Berlin of 300 km allows us to realise a faster flow of goods thanks to the night shifts between both locations.

From Legnica, we can expand our existing services, including double-stack transport / unloading and loading of containers and temporary storage of goods, distribution within Poland to individual sales centres and production plants.

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