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Founder Nico Mooij:

Entrepreneurial blood has flowed in Nico's veins for a long time. In July 1986, he bought a tractor unit and was approved to transport goods for the US Army. He drove around between Rotterdam and the whole of Germany on a daily basis. Nico was soon remarkably busy and bought a second truck. At the end of 1987, he set off for Poland for the first time. In those days it was a conscious choice, as most hauliers drove to Italy and Austria. In retrospect, it is clear that this was a good choice, as Nico and his company Mooij Forwarding & Logistics B.V. now have an arsenal of 87 tractor units and 117 semi-trailers, supported by some 45 subcontractors, most of whom come from the countries where the cargo ultimately ends up, i.e.: Eastern Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, all CIS countries (formerly the USSR), and of course the Benelux.

Mooij has a branch in Poland in Legnica near Wrocław and a branch in Berlin - Werder, Germany. "In each branch, we have around 2000 m2 of office/warehouse space at our disposal. From Berlin Werder, we are conducting an increasing number of transports for other carriers as well. This is the so-called urban distribution. They bring their goods in large international lorries, we take care of deliveries in Berlin and the surrounding area with our delivery lorries, possibly equipped with mobile platforms. With these branches in Legnica, Poland, Berlin, Germany, and on the industrial estate in Milsbeek in the Netherlands, we have the perfect triangle for our transportation assignments", says Nico.

Our lorries run from Milsbeek to Berlin, in Berlin another driver drives on to Poland, where another driver attaches a semi-trailer to his lorry and continues on to Russia, where we also do a lot of driving. The same driver then returns with a loaded semi-trailer to Belgium, for example. He then returns to Germany via Milsbeek, where another loaded trailer is waiting for him. The semi-trailer left in Milsbeek is taken up by a Dutch driver, who unloads it in Belgium, and, from there, loads it at various addresses on the way back to Milsbeek. All this works very efficiently and excellently, and the driver is virtually never far from home. Nowadays, you can see everything in the Fleet-Visor system: rest periods, how long a driver can still drive, etc. We were one of the first to have such a system in the early 1990s. Over the years, it has become increasingly advanced and, where necessary, has been continuously improved. For us, it was a revelation many years ago (1991) to be able to communicate with a driver who was 2 500 km behind Moscow, an ingenuity that would hard to match today. Each branch has access to the programme and there is a list of plans available for all to see. Everything is listed: from loading to the destination of the lorry and the semi-trailer. In this way, each branch can reserve a tractor unit and a semi-trailer for a customer from a particular country when the cargo is offered.

Our company specialises in transport from and to Eastern Europe.

Since the beginning, Mooij has been active and specialised in transport to and from Eastern Europe. Whether for full truck loads, general cargo or under controlled conditions, Mooij Forwarding & Logistics B.V. wants to ensure consistent quality for its customers. The company is ISO-certified, and all transports meet our customer's requirements, wishes and expectations. Goods are picked up and delivered as agreed. Arrangements are always complied with! Sound management, a long history, a good personnel policy with low staff turnover and long-standing customer relations ensure due care and attention in the handling of goods. Long-term continuity is guaranteed. Due to the flat organisational structure with employees in permanent positions, Mooij is able to react quickly and decisively to all problems. Proper consultation, flexibility and creativity lead to the right solutions.

Groupage, partial loads and full truck loads depart daily from the Netherlands and Belgium, quickly and reliably to their destination. Each branch has its own forwarding department. These departments deal with shipments throughout Europe, for example from Poland to Italy, from Germany to Norway or from the Netherlands to Spain. Each branch is responsible for its own country of export. We conduct transports with our own tractor units and semi-trailers, but also by charter. This system of working is flexible and has a great advantage: our customers are served in their own language, which broadens our area of operation. Initially, we did a lot of travelling to Eastern Europe, but now we see an increasing number of our lorries in various European countries. This is part of the reason why we changed our name from Mooij Oost Europa Service to Mooij Forwarding & Logistics.

Double stacking, a sustainable and cost-effective transport solution.

Double stacking is the best logistics solution for transport. To offer customers something extra, Mooij has developed a double stacking system for its mega-trailers, depending on the cargo being transported. A second aluminium load floor keeps the dead weight in the trailer low and enables optimum payloads. Especially for the automotive industry, this is a first-class solution. For various customers, we have been able to reduce the number of weekly transports from Poland from 75 to 30-35 loads per week.

Not only the double floor, but also the triple floor is a new trend, especially used by medical equipment manufacturers. Therefore, we also launched the Multimodal Double-Tripple floor system from the Continent to the UK last year.

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